Il Gruppo Edison: 1883-2003 profili economici e societari

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Il Mulino

Volume 5

Il Gruppo Edison: 1883-2003 profili economici e societari

Edited by Marco Fortis, Claudio Pavese and Alberto Quadrio Curzio Il Mulino - June 2003


10th October 2003: the book "1883-2003 Edison Group: economic and social profile" received a special mention within Sanremo Economic Prize, which continues the tradition of the historical San Vincent Prize.

For the first time, in an organic way, this book collects historical studies, companies documents and statistics concerning Edison, one of the oldest Italian industrial companies, born in 1883-1884. Edison, led by important personalities such as Colombo, Esterle, Conti, Motta, Pirelli and Feltrinelli, has been a pillar for the country industrialisation and it has always stand out as a particularly innovative company. In the thirties Edison became the most important Italian joint-stock company for invested capital and until the nationalisation of electricity sector in 1963 it was the major electro-trade group of the nation with an remarkable presence in gas distribution.
After the merger with Montecatini in 1966 and the Montedison diversification period, Edison has focused its activities in the traditional energy sector becoming one of the major key player in Italy with great attention to the international scenario.