Il Mulino

Volume 37

Il Gruppo Edison: 1883-2023. Profili economici e societari

edited by Marco Fortis, Claudio Pavese, Alberto Quadrio Curzio il Mulino - 2023

This volume is an exhaustive collation of historic studies, company records and statistics on Edison, one of Italy’s oldest industrial corporations, established in 1883-84. Led by prominent figures like Colombo, Esterle, Conti, Motta, Pirelli, and Feltrinelli, Edison was a pillar of the nation’s industrialisation and remains renowned for being exceptionally innovative. In the 1930s, it became the largest Italian joint-stock company in terms of invested capital and, until the electricity sector was nationalised in 1963, it was the largest domestic utility group, with a significant presence also in gas distribution. Following the merger with Montecatini in 1966 and undergoing a phase of diversification as Montedison, Edison has now refocused its primary operations in the energy sector and has reemerged as one of Italy’s largest players, with notable international projects. Today it is focused primarily on electricity generation with increasing emphasis on renewable energy sources; it maintains a prominent role in natural gas imports and has diversified operations in energy and environmental services; and it has rekindled its interests in the potential of nuclear energy.