Il tesoro agricolo del Mezzogiorno. Rapporto Fondazione Edison-Confagricoltura

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Il Mulino

Volume 33

Il tesoro agricolo del Mezzogiorno. Rapporto Fondazione Edison-Confagricoltura

edited by Marco Fortis il Mulino - 2021

This volume, written in collaboration with Confagricoltura (General Confederation of Italian Agriculture), focuses on the importance of the agricultural sector in Italy’s Mezzogiorno (South and Insular Italy), and in particular on fresh and first processed vegetables linked to the so-called “Mediterranean diet”. With European and international comparisons, it highlights the preeminent role of Italian agriculture and especially that of the Mezzogiorno, and particularly that of fresh produce: this resource, vegetables cultivated in the open air and in greenhouses, should be much more valorized, both in terms of production but also on the level of Italy’s international prestige.
The introduction provides a general outline of the main agricultural crops of which the Mezzogiorno is a significant contributor, not only in Italy but also in Europe. The two essays that follow focus on two vegetables, the production of which Italy excels in and in both cases is the top producer worldwide: artichokes and fennel bulbs. This is followed by an essay on the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), PGI (Protected Geographical Indication)  and TSG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) products. The volume concludes with some reflections on a possible new strategy for Italian agriculture.