Industria e distretti. Un paradigma di perdurante competitività italiana

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Il Mulino

Volume 9

Industria e distretti. Un paradigma di perdurante competitività italiana

Edited by Marco Fortis and Alberto Quadrio Curzio Il Mulino - October 2006

The subject of this volume has an innovative content because on the one side it shows the renewed competitiveness of the Italian manufacturing sector, where the SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) play a crucial role, and on the other it emphasises the need to integrate into a single system the Large Enterprises (Pillars), the best structured Medium Enterprises (Columns) and the Districts (Districts). The "made in Italy" business, mainly represented by Districts and Columns, has been reacting to the many difficulties and novelties of the recent years, thus ensuring essential trade surpluses to our country, which is dramatically inadequate above all in energy production. Fondazione Edison has been involved in these topics for years, as is pointed out by Umberto Quadrino in his Presentation, because of its interests in Districts, Italy's specialised manufacturing sectors, innovation and internationalisation, in the belief that the strong Italian potential here available is braked by too many constraints. This volume reviews also the outcome of meetings organised by Fondazione Edison with other institutes: one with the Aspen Institute on "Districts, made- in-Italy and laboratories: a winning paradigm" (2006), co-ordinated by Giulio Tremonti and Enrico Letta, who signed the Prefaces in the volume, and one with the National Lincei Academy "Districts, Pillars, Networks, Italy and Europe" (2003). The authors' expertise ensures wide and deep competence.