Il Mulino

Volume 36

Le Piattaforme tecno-scientifiche in Europa. Ricerca, economia, innovazione

edited by Alberto Quadrio Curzio, Alberto Silvani, Marco Fortis and Floriana Cerniglia il Mulino - 2023

Technoscience platforms are a tool for both organizing and collaborating among various scientific, technological, and industrial entities working on specific topics; they also constitute a means to plan, design, and create products, structures, visions, and intervention capabilities that often transcend disciplinary boundaries and areas of expertise. They have generated a great deal of interest for their contributions and encouraged reflections on their development. 
The reflections have been accelerated further by events in recent years, the effects and consequences of the pandemic crisis and the commencement of the reorganisation process of Italy’s national scientific and technological system, foreseen but not yet implemented, by the strategy and financial resources of the NRRP.
The volume collects and updates the contributions provided at the conference held at the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei on October 2022, that was jointly promoted by the research centre CRANEC of Università Cattolica, Milan and Fondazione Edison to present the conclusions of the research project sponsored by Fondazione Cariplo. 
Technoscience platforms, taken as a whole, constitute an ideal point of convergence between the past and future, European and national dimensions, and science and society; and it is especially relevant to be able to grasp their potential today in order to translate then into concrete and effective realities.