L'evoluzione delle imprese pubbliche locali. Il caso Enia

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Il Mulino

Volume 8

L'evoluzione delle imprese pubbliche locali. Il caso Enia

Edited by Marco Elefanti Il Mulino - May 2006

This book focuses its analysis on the how the provision of public services and the role itself of local government has been changing in Italy. Several issues are addressed, including:
The growing relevance of the phenomena related to the economic development of clusters;
The introduction of managerial logics and tolls in the provision of public services in relation also to the price cap and cost cutting mechanisms;
The performance measurement systems that are becoming a growing factor in the management of services.
The issues addressed in this book are the outcome of a specific research on the possible threats and organization pains of this specific sector. In Italy the introduction of quasi market logics, the new governance system between local governments and organizations providing public services often have to face the traditional role played by the municipalities as the owners of the public organizations with all the consequences.
This book analyzes also an emblematic case study: Enia. It is the result (March 2005) of the merger of three different organizations belonging to three different provinces: Piacenza (Tesa SpA), Reggio Emilia (AGAC SpA) and Parma (AMPS SpA). The analysis is important for its uniqueness in the Italian context.