L'industria nei 150 anni dell'unità' d'italia. Paradigmi e protagonisti

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Il Mulino

Volume 20

L'industria nei 150 anni dell'unità' d'italia. Paradigmi e protagonisti

Edited by Alberto Quadrio Curzio and Marco Fortis Il Mulino - June 2012

"Industry in the 150 years of the Italian Unity" is a crucial theme and was the subject of a meeting arranged by Fondazione Edison and the National Lincei Academy on 24th and 25th November 2011 with a view to identifying Protagonists and Paradigms that have been making Italy one of the major industrial countries in the world.
The volume specifically addresses the history and the role played in the Italian economy by essential sectors such as electric energy, hydrocarbons, chemistry, steel industry, cars and, in general, the main areas of the Made-in-Italy manufacturing such as mechanics, food and fashion, as well as design. Italy has achieved international successes in many of these sectors, even though in some others the initial period of remarkable development was followed by a decline that has damaged the entire Italian economic system. For this reason indications may be found in our analysis about the necessary policies to improve our productivity. History, activities and politics are the three lines along which this volume celebrates the 150 years of Italy's Unity with a focus on the major role played by our industries.