Nuove polarità nella geo-economia. Globalizzazione, crisi ed Italia

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Il Mulino

Volume 16

Nuove polarità nella geo-economia. Globalizzazione, crisi ed Italia

Edited by Alberto Quadrio Curzio and Marco Fortis Il Mulino - March 2010

This volume is based on the Meeting "Foreign Investments and International Trade: The Geo-Economy of Development" held in Rome in March 2008, which was organized by the Fondazione Edison in collaboration with the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. The meeting dealt mainly with three subjects: global and international development profiles; monetary and financial aspects of globalization; and commercial and proprietary aspects of inter-globalization.
The volume analyses the growth of the emerging countries (China and India) on the one hand and the positions of the historical powers (Uem/EU and USA) on the other in the light of the financial crisis underway. A few new essays have been added, which try also to examine Italy's possible role in the new geo-economy. The conclusion is that, though with its structural constraints, thanks above all to its competitive real economy and to the financial and patrimonial solidity of our businesses and households, our country can hold a significant position as its strong points exceed are by far in excess of its weak points. However, it is important for Italy to start a reform process to stabilize its public accounts and improve the services provided to citizens and businesses.