Valorizzare un'economia forte. L'Italia e il ruolo della sussidiarietà

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Il Mulino

Volume 10

Valorizzare un'economia forte. L'Italia e il ruolo della sussidiarietà

Edited by Alberto Quadrio Curzio and Marco Fortis Il Mulino - April 2007

This volume, partly a result of two meetings organized by the Fondazione Edison and partly new, focuses on a conceptual and operating notion (liberal subsidiarity) that Alberto Quadrio Curzio derived from known political-economic doctrines and applied to Italy. On the one hand this doctrine gives the market an important role - though not an exhaustive one, as claimed by flat-out liberalists - as a typical characteristic of the private-enterprise economy of an industrially advanced country like ours. On the other hand, there is no disparagement of public policies, which however should not rely on the state/unions/government-controlled approach often prevailing in Italy. Liberal subsidiarity involves also a major role to be played by the society, as the expression of community, territorial and association aggregations.
The volume consists of three parts: in the first P. Bianchi, M. Fortis and M. Carminati explain how the Italian industrial and manufacturing structure stands out from the European and international system for "territorial community" aspects to be strengthened through the complementarity of "Pillars, Columns and Clusters"; in the second part F. Cerniglia, G. Sgarra and G. Sirilli review the lack of complementarity caused by the distortions of Italy's public spending, the merits and limits of privatizations as well as the condition of scientific and biological research "laboratories"; the third part contains the conclusions drawn by C. Longo, M. Deaglio and A. Quadrio Curzio on liberal subsidiarity.