Research and technological innovation - The challenge for a new Europe

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Research and technological innovation - The challenge for a new Europe

Alberto Quadrio Curzio - Marco Fortis Physica-Verlag - 2005

To explain the importance of scientific research and technological innovation for industrial countries and in particular for the EU, in order to improve or to maintain economic leadership, is the central idea of this volume. It starts with a historical and theoretical perspective on scientific-technological innovation and its importance for industrial growth. Then it analyzes EU policy framework and strategies for R&D and it presents several national success stories both from EU and non-EU countries to confirm the theoretical perspective.


Introduction - Research, Technology, Innovation: Analysis and Cases
Alberto Quadrio Curzio and Marco Fortis 

Scientific-Technological Innovation and Industrial Growth

  • The Intellectual Origins of Modern Economic Growth
    Joel Mokyr
  • Local Systems and Networks in the Globalisation Process
    Christian Longhi
  • The Dynamics of High-Tech Clusters: Competition, Predation, Synergies
    Mario A. Maggioni
  • High-Technology Clusters: Specialisation and Interaction
    G.M.Peter Swann

New Industry, European Framework and National Success Stories

  • New Science, New Industry and New Institutions? Second Thoughts on Innovation and Europe’s Universities
    Paul A.David
  • EU Strategies for Research and Development
    Ezio Andreta
  • Aiming at the Barcelona Target: Best Practices and National Performances.
    The EASAC Perspective
    Uno Lindberg
  • The Locational Dynamics of the US Biotech Industry: Knowledge Externalities and the Anchor Hypothesis
    Maryann Feldman
  • The Cambridge Phenomenon
    John Eatwell
  • Knowledge Capital and Economic Growth: Sweden as an Emblematic Example
    Pontus Braunerhjelm
  • Relationships between Universities, Research Centers and District Firms: the Italian Case
    Patrizio Bianchi and Laura Ramaciotti


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