The Pillars of the Italian Economy. Manufacturing, Food & Wine, Tourism

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The Pillars of the Italian Economy. Manufacturing, Food & Wine, Tourism

edited by Marco Fortis Springer - 2016

The book offers a detailed analysis of the key sectors of the Italian economy, with the focus especially on areas in which the economy excels, such as the automatic packaging machinery sector, pharmaceutical production, the food and wine industry, and tourism. The book explains how, contrary to a widespread opinion, Italy is one of the worlds's most competitive countries in foreign trade, as confirmed by a new index compiled by Fondazione Edison, that highlights its strengths and top traded products. The main characteristics of the Italian productive system, which is primarily composed of SMEs, are documented, and a map illustrating the importance of the various industrial districts is proposed, identifying their sectors of specialization, historical roots, and development. The principal steps in Italy's industrialization over the past 150 years are then outlined, in particular for the manufacturing system - the main driver of Italian exports. In -depth analyses of the mechanical industry and the machinery sector follow. In combining meticulous analysis of statistical data with a historical perspective, this book will appeal to all with an interest in the Italian economy.



1. Italy's Top Products in Word Trade. The Fortis-Corradini Index ........... 
   Marco Fortis, Stefano Corradini and Monica Carminati

2. Production Districts and Their Relevance in the Italian Economy: A Few Analytical Profiles.............
    Marco Fortis

3. Development Profiles of the Italian Industrial System and Its Exports from the Unification of Italy to the Present:
    The Case of the Mechanical Engineering .......................
    Marco Fortis and Monica Carminati

4. The Automatic Packaging Machinery Sector in Italy and Germany.......
    Marco Fortis and Monica Carminati

5. Italy: A New European Pharmaceutical Hub........
    Marco Fortis and Monica Carminati

6. Food & Wine: Quality, Tradition and Innovation.............
    Marco Fortis and Andrea Sartori

7. Italian Tourism in the Age of Globalization .....
    Marco Fortis and Cristiana Crenna