Strutture industriali e innovazione sistemica. Strategie e sostenibilità

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Il Mulino

Volume 29

Strutture industriali e innovazione sistemica. Strategie e sostenibilità

edited by Marco Fortis and Alberto Quadrio Curzio Il Mulino - 2018

This volume originated with two conferences sponsored jointly by Foundation Edison and the National Academy of Linceans, which brought together economists, technology specialists and entrepreneurs. The first conference focused on economic, technological and industrial development and the second on production structures, technology and economics. The book has a strictly economic focus and explores the "new industrial revolution", viewed not so much as the transformation of one industrial sector alongside other sectors, but as the transformation of the structural source of innovation which then has repercussions for all sectors of the economy. The national production systems that derive from this can be more or less powerful depending on the structures available to them and the strategies pursued. The research focuses mainly on Europe and Italy, bearing in mind that the economic systems of these two areas exist in an open space of continuous innovation. Both Europe and Italy host champions of innovation and competitiveness and the book analyses these actors, but it also deals with the structural and strategic problems in the background. Indeed, the largest are, Europe, needs to plan and realize meta-structures that give an impulse to meta-strategies for national innovation systems. From another point of view this means dealing with the problems of European meta-infrastructure and how to integrate national innovation systems into it.