Cookie Policy

A cookie is a brief text sent by a web server to a browser. It allows the domain (website) to memorize information about your visit for example the language of preference or other settings. This can simplify the next time you access the website and improve its use in your favor. Cookies play an important role. Without them, using the Web would be much more frustrating.

Cookies are used with various aims. We use them, for example, to count the number of visits to a page, to help you contact us, and in general to try to improve the service provided. What follows is a brief description of the types of cookies that can be used.

Technical Cookies

These cookies are essential for the correct functioning of the website. There are two types: persistent and essential:

  • Persistent cookies – when you close the browser they are not destroyed, but remain saved up to a set expiration date
  • Session cookies – are destroyed every time the domain is closed

Analytics Cookies

Cookies in this category are used to collect information on the use of the domain. The information is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes.

Analytics cookies are placed by the website itself or by Third-party domains.

Third-party cookies for marketing or profiling

These cookies are employed for the anonymous collection of information on the use of the domain, the information includes what pages were visited, the time spent, the origin of the traffic, the geographic provenance, age, gender and interests to be used for marketing purposes. These cookies are placed by Third-party websites from outside the domain.

Cookies for integrating Third-party software products and functions

These types of cookies integrate functions developed by third parties into the domain, like icons and preferences expressed on social networks, with the objective of sharing the website’s content for the use of Third-party software providers (for example, for generating maps or additional services). These cookies are placed by Third-party websites to partner domains that contain their features on the various pages of the domain.


Profiling Cookies

Are those necessary cookies utilized to create user profiles for advertising purposes by accessing the preferences expressed by users when visiting a domain. does not use these cookies.

The Table below lists the cookies used by

Table of cookies.

Name of Cookie


Expiration date




2 years

Collect analytical data in aggregated form to optimize website functionality by users and the service itself.



10 minutes

Collect analytical data in aggregated form to optimize website functionality by users and the service itself.




Used to recognize the users that have accessed the domain




Used to access content in the user’s language. 



1 year

Tracks that the cookie policy has been read and consent given.

See our privacy policy on how we protect your privacy when cookies are being used.


Some users prefer to block all cookies; for this reason, most domains offer the possibility of customizing cookie access.

Some web browsers allow users to manage cookie preferences, domain by domain, giving them greater control over their privacy. This means that the user can disable cookies from all domains, apart from the ones it trusts.

To learn more, visit the popular web browsers listed below:

All the main modern web browsers allow you to navigate “privately”; this allows users to visit domains without being tracked. Usually, at the end of the session, the cookies employed are not saved.


In general, it is possible to block access to personal data by major Ad providers by using the following website:

and following the instructions provided.

Please note that, even when exercising the right to block access, some advertising will continue to be shown, however, it will not be customized according to your preferences.

Some Third-party systems that use cookies, provide tools for users to block the placement of their cookies. See what Google has made available to blook Google Analytics cookies:

Should you erase the cookies, you will have to re-block their access. This needs to be done even if a different web browser is used.